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Get Your Certificate of Eligibility

Your Certificate of Eligibility is the first step in the process of getting your VA Home Loan. Knowing all the ins and outs of your Certificate of Eligibility, or COE, could save you a lot of time and needless waiting. Below is everything you need to know about your COE.

How to Get Your Certificate of Eligibility

The quickest way to to get your COE is through your eBenefits portal.

  1. Just go to this link and login.
  2. Go to “Manage” in the navigation, select “Housing” from the dropdown.
  3. Click on “Certificate of Eligibility for Home Loan”.
  4. Download and print your COE.

It should take less than 5 minutes.

If you need login credentials, please click the Register box and follow the directions on the screen.

If you need any assistance please call (808) 376-1667 and one of our VA Educators will help get your Certificate of Eligibility today.

Next Steps

Book your free seminar, view our resources below and apply for your loan when you’re ready. Our VA Educators are available to assist you at (808) 376-1667.

VA Educators Assistance

A VA Educator can also help you when applying for your COE. If you do not have access to your eBenefits portal this would be the second quickest option.

Mail in VA Form 26-1880

The final (and least recommended) option is to fill out a VA Form 26-1880 and send it to:

PO Box 100023,
Decatur, GA 30031

This is the most inconvenient option as it takes a long time (4-6 weeks) to be processed. Contact us instead and we will help you.

How Long Does it Take to Get My COE?

  • If you have access to your eBenefits portal it will only take you about 5 minutes to receive your COE confirmation.
  • If you mail in your COE application, it will take about 4-6 weeks to receive your COE confirmation.

Does My COE Expire?

As long as you are still in active duty, your COE will never expire. If you are no longer active or have been discharged from the service you will need to re-apply.

Surviving Spouse and the COE

If you are a surviving spouse of a service member you can still apply and be approved for a COE. To do this, fill out the VA Form 26-1817 and either bring it to your loan officer or mail it to:

VA Loan Eligibility Center
Attn: COE (262)
PO Box 100034
Decatur, GA 30031

If you can not print and mail the document, you can call this number: 1-877-827-3702 follow the prompts, and they will mail you your COE.

If you have additional questions, contact a VA Educator today.

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Find out how our team can help your dreams become reality!

Talk to one of our experts today.