Matthew Leimbach

Loan Officer and VA Educator

NMLS: 1666376
Cell: 808-652-8093

Matthew was born in Texas into a military family with his dad serving as an Air Force Pilot. From there, he lived at duty stations in Hawaii, Florida, and Ohio. For Matthew, growing up in a military home instilled the necessity to adapt, be transparent, and think of others. He received a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Wright State University and immediately launched into a career in the golf course construction industry that took him all around the country and world. After 10 years of shaping fairways, tracking budgets, and relocating with each new project he decided it was time to switch professions. Utilizing his well-honed math and communication skills, Matthew embarked on a new career in the mortgage industry and now takes delight in helping others purchase homes.

Since 2017, Matthew has served as a guide in helping his clients match their needs and budgets with the home loan products that will best serve them. From the onset, he takes the time to explain mortgage terminology and financial equations so that the entire home financing process can be a transparent and pleasurable experience for all involved. Please feel free to reach out to Matthew and see how he can help assist you in realizing your hopes and dreams for homeownership.

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